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Mission, Vision and Core Beliefs


Central High School is committed to a tradition of academic excellence, a culture of collaboration, and a vision of global impact.

Vision Statement
Education that Makes a Difference

Our School's Core Beliefs
We believe:

  • It is the moral imperative of all administrators, teachers, and staff members to create an environment at CHS in which learning for all students is the top priority.
  • Decisions about learning and the operation of CHS are made based on what best supports student learning.
  • Education is the foundation for success in life and is a lifelong process; CHS graduates should be global, productive citizens. Student learning is enhanced by positive relationships and mutual respect among and between students and staff.
  • Student learning is best achieved by actively engaging students in the learning process and by lesson design that includes a variety of instructional strategies. Teaching a student how to think is significantly more important than teaching them what to think.
  • A safe, physically comfortable environment is essential to student learning and success. Each student is a valued individual with unique characteristics that are to be embraced by all at CHS.
  • It takes an exemplary and dynamic educational community to produce exemplary students. Hard work, dedication, reflection, consistency, and a drive to "be better" are key components of successful schools. School leadership should invest in teachers personally and professionally in order to support them more effectively.
  • Students, teachers, administrators, parents and the community share the responsibility for achieving the school's mission.
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