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Google Account Instructions for Students

How to Sign In and Create New Files

First, open Google Chrome and go to

  1. Your username is your graduation year +

    1. so if your name is Sally Smith and you will graduate in 2017, your username is

    2. if you have a “Jr.” or “III” after your last name, don’t include it in your username

    3. if you have two last names, or a hyphenated last name, include them both in your username (remove the hyphen)

    4. so if your name is Sally Smith Jones, Sally Smith-Jones, or Sally Smith-Jones Jr., your username is

  2. Your password is based on your student ID number:  scps#####, with your ID number instead of #####

    1. so if Sally Smith’s student number is 33333, her password is scps33333

  3. Once you have logged in, you will be able to see all the files you have saved online; right now you won’t have any files, so we need to create some!

  4. Click on the red “CREATE” button on the left-hand side of the screen; from here, you can create a document for a paper or an essay (this is like Microsoft Word), a presentation for showing in class (this is like PowerPoint), a spreadsheet for tracking data, a drawing, etc. You can also create folders for organizing your work if you want.

    1. When you’re working on a file, all the changes will be automatically saved

    2. Set a name for your file by clicking at the top left where it says “Untitled Document”

    3. You can click “Tools” at the top and then “Spelling” to do a spell check on your essay after you are finished typing.

  5. To share a file with someone else, check the box next to that file and then click the gray button of a person with a plus sign (+).

    1. Next, a small window will open with a link to your file and a place to type in the names of the people you want to share it with at the bottom.

    2. Start typing someone’s name at the bottom (like a teacher or another student), and Google will look it up in our school’s address book.

    3. Add as many people as you want to the list, then click “DONE”

    4. This is a great way to turn in work to teachers without having to print anything!

  6. You can also share a file that you are working on currently by clicking the blue “SHARE” button with a lock on it in the top right-hand corner of the window; after you do, just follow the steps above to select who you want to share it with.

Can use the link from our 

school website

 home page to log into your account!

 Or type in a browser, click on SIGN IN and 
enter your CHS gmail username and password

Your gmail is useable with other students and teachers.

     ***SCPS can monitor student messages within the SCPS domain

 You can also create and share google docs on your Drive.

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