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Honor Code/Cheating Policy

Students are expected to be honest and honorable in the performance of all assignments.  Cheating includes: allowing someone to copy your work, copying the work of others, and plagiarism, on ANY assignment. Plagiarism is the use of the ideas, wording, or information of another without appropriate documentation, creating the false and misleading impression that the material is the student’s own original work. Consequences for such action shall be:

First Offense

  • Student will conference with school administration and teacher. The student may receive a “0” on the assignment or be required to complete an alternative assignment(s) for grade replacement.
  • ISS will be assigned.
  • The Faculty Council of the National Honor Society will be informed by the administration and appropriate action, up to and including dismissal from NHS, will be determined.

Subsequent Offenses

  • Repeat of first offense actions/consequences
  • Student will be suspended immediately from all school activities by the administration for two weeks.
  • Student will be dismissed from NHS.
  • Offenses are cumulative and carry from one school year to another.


over 2 years ago

Central High School offers multiple 
academic activities, clubs, scholastic competitions and sports
that support the academic curriculum and allow the 
student to experience learning activities in a different environment. 
Join one or more today!

Club Schedule
Teen Advisory Board (TAB)
The purpose of TAB is to spread the word about domestic violence, sexual assault, and teen dating violence through public efforts. Members design ads, attend statewide conferences, and may be trained to do peer presentations.
Student Cooperative Association (SCA)

The purpose of the SCA is to coordinate activities that involve the entire student body, the faculty at CHS, as well as the community. The SCA is the governing body of the school and provides leadership opportunities for those involved. All students are encouraged to become active members of the SCA; elections are held to determine officers and class representatives. Activities include Homecoming Week, class competitions, community service projects and more. If you want to help make a difference in your school, the SCA is the group to get involved in. No dues.
Advisors: Ms. Amber Corbitt and Mrs. Jennifer Burner

Art Club

Any present or past art student may join Art Club. The Art Club does various projects, community outreach activities, and hosts visiting artists and speakers. No dues.
Advisor: Mrs. Kathy Dill

Athletic Training Club

This is a community of athletic training students dedicated to enhancing and sharing their knowledge of athletic training with each other and with the community. Any student who has taken a Sports Medicine class may join. No dues.
Advisor: Ms. Callie Vernon

Book Club

The Book Club meets monthly to discuss a book chosen by members. Its purpose is to create a deeper level of understanding and appreciation of books. No dues.
Advisor: Trip Ennis

Champions Together
The Champions Together builds school communities of acceptance and inclusion by engaging students with and without disabilities in interscholastic sports training and competition. For participating high schools, this program includes 3 components: interscholastic unified sports, awareness and fundraising.  FlyerVideo
Advisor: Mrs. Caline Rexrode

Drama Club

The perfect way to learn more about the theatre is to join the Drama Club. Only those interested in theatre may join. Activities include student plus class-generated productions, VHSL One-Act Competition, annual Musical production, Fall Film Festival, and the end-of-year Spring Wing production. No dues.
Advisor: Mrs. Sylvia Tickle-Rupe

Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA)

FCCLA is open to past/present students of Family and Consumer Sciences classes. Its purpose is to promote personal growth and leadership development. Various activities are National FCCLA Week events, community service projects, state and national conferences, attendance at the Virginia State Fair and STAR event competitions. Dues $15.
Advisor: Mrs. Holly Roberts

Future Educators Association (FEA)

The FEA Chapter is an organization for students interested in pursuing a career in education. The chapter provides opportunities for leadership development, community and school service. Members explore careers in education and gain an understanding of the nature of education and role of the teacher. Anyone interested in education as a career may join. No dues.
Advisor: TBD

Future Farmers of America (FFA)

The FFA is designed to make a positive difference in the lives of students by developing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth and career success through agricultural education. Meetings are held monthly and students may participate in 18 different contests. Any student who is currently enrolled in Agriculture Education may join. Dues $12.
Advisors: Mrs. Sherry Heishman/ Mrs. Mandy Curry

Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)

The FCA is a nondenominational organization that uses the platform of sports, and the influence of coaches and athletes to impact the school and community. The organization is 100% faith-funded ministry that encourages character, sportsmanship, and faith by equipping, empowering, and encouraging Christian coaches and athletes to boldly share their faith both on and off the field. This is a national organization that includes Valley FCA. Valley FCA includes campus clubs of Rockingham, Page, and Shenandoah counties. Any student, athlete or non-athlete, may join.

Advisor: Mr. Rich Shockey

Gay & Straight Alliance (GSA)

GSA recognizes the diversity of those among us. No dues.
Advisor: Ms. Cindy Eash

Generation 4:13

Generation 4:13 is a student-led, Christian organization that provides an atmosphere for students to engage in fellowship, sharing, and service. It is nondenominational and is open to all grade levels. No Dues.
Advisor: Mrs. Casey Morris


This club will design and implement two service projects over the course of the school year and will work in conjunction with the Woodstock Rotary Club to engage in various other service activities. Dues $5.
Advisor: TBD

National Honor Society (NHS)

The NHS recognizes juniors and seniors who have maintained an academic excellence of 3.5 or better. No dues.

Advisor: Nicole Yoder 

Sports Management

Mission: To provide students with the opportunities to gain valuable knowledge and experience within the field of sport management, as well as gain managerial experience, leadership opportunities, and internship opportunities related to the subject of sport management. The Falcon Sports Management Club provides students with the opportunity to gain worthwhile contacts and networking while raising awareness of CHS Athletics throughout the campus and the Woodstock community as a whole.

   The purpose of the Falcon Sports Management Club is to promote an interest in the area of sports, to bring together other students who are interested in the sports field, to prepare students for a career in the sports management profession, and to help students determine which area of this field is suitable for them.
   "Sport Management" refers to the business/operations side of the sport industry. In high school, college athletics or professional sports organizations, for example, sport management professionals may be performing a wide variety of tasks, including marketing, advertising, ticket sales, ordering and maintaining equipment and supplies, planning and maintenance of sports facilities, public relations, team travel coordination, and ensuring compliance with league rules. Members receive experience in Event Planning, Game Management, In-game promotions, Sponsorships and Networking.
Advisor: Mr. Kenny Rinker

Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD)

SADD is an organization dedicated to encouraging students to make positive life choices. Activities include Red Ribbon Week and Prom Promise. Everyone is welcome to join and participate. $5 dues.
Advisor: Mrs. Jessi Covington

Teen Age Republican Club

The Teen Age Republican Club is designed to foster the idea of democracy among teenagers and to assist the county Republican Party and the Shenandoah County Women’s Republican Club. Activities include assisting in Lincoln Day Dinner ceremonies and volunteering outside the school in election campaigns and Republican meetings. Anyone may join. Dues are two canned/boxed goods.
Advisors: Mrs. Gail Gilbert

Youth and Government

The Youth and Government Club provides opportunities for leadership development and community service, promotes self-confidence and self-esteem, increases community awareness and global education and provides knowledge about Virginia Government. Activities include a mock election, baking cookies for the Empty Bowl Dinner, Model General Assembly, Model Executive Government Conference, and a Mock Trial. Any student with an interest in government and politics may join. Dues $13. 
Advisor: Mr. Ken Mason

Music Programs

over 3 years ago


Band is a class in which students learn and perform in concerts throughout the year. Band members participate in All District and All County competitions.
Director: Ms. Sarah Golden 

Marching Band

This performing ensemble may be seen at football games, community parades, festivals and competitions in the area. They begin preparing in August and perform through November.
Director: Ms. Sarah Golden


Creative Music Foundation (new!) is a choir class designed for beginning or emerging singers. Students will work on learning music fundamentals, including solfege and takadimi, as well as perform a variety of repertoire in concerts throughout the year, and participate in the All-County Choir festival in the spring. 

Students may enroll in Advanced or Concert Choir upon recommendation from Ms. Cooper (PMMS) or Ms. Hunsberger. Students improve music fundamentals, technique and perform a variety of repertoire in concerts throughout the year, at Concert Assessment and participate in the All-County Choir festival in the spring. Students may take choir all year or a single semester, but must be enrolled both semesters to be eligible for District or All-State events.

Director: Ms. Kaitlyn Hunsberger 

Select Chorus

Select Choir is an auditioned small ensemble, performing a variety of repertoire at concerts alone and with Creative Music Foundations and Concert Choir, at Concert Assessment and participate in the All-County Choir festival in the spring. Students also have the opportunity to perform at various community events. Auditions are held each semester; students must be enrolled in at least one semester of Concert or Advanced Choir to be eligible to audition.

Director: Ms. Kaitlyn Hunsberger 


Orchestra is a class in which students learn and perform in concerts throughout the year. Orchestra members participate in All District and All County competitions.
Director: Mrs. Jennifer Perry

VHSL Competitions

over 3 years ago

Academic Team

The Scholastic Bowl competes against other high schools in academics. Matches are held on Monday and Thursday evenings December–January. Anyone with an interest in being academically challenged may join.
Coach: Mrs. Melissa Marston

Debate Team

In 1913, debate competition originated as the first VHSL sponsored activity (even before athletics), and today it remains an integral part of VHSL. In essence, debate competitors participate in formal, organized, researched argumentation. Through debate, students improve their speaking skills and their skills of persuasion. Debate also increases students’ research skills, as students must know their topic inside and out. Plus, debate is simply an excellent activity to have on a resumé. Throughout the debate season (September to April), topics on which students debate change. Generally, the team participates in two areas of debate: Lincoln-Douglass and Congress. All students are welcome to join the debate team.
Coach: Mr. Eric Snyder


Forensics is a VHSL sanctioned program that allows students the opportunity to be coached and take part in the following competitions: extemporaneous speaking, original oratory, prose interpretation, poetry interpretation, humorous dramatic interpretation, serious dramatic interpretation, duo interpretation, storytelling and impromptu. Practices will be held on a regular basis after school. Students may qualify to proceed to district, regional or state competitions; district, regional and state competitions are in February, March, and April.
Coach: Ms. Lisa Gross

One Act

Theater competition involves presenting a one act performance governed by VHSL guidelines and is submitted to VHSL competition judging each fall.
Director: Ms. Lisa Gross


The yearbook is designed and produced by students in the Photojournalism class who research, photograph and write about the events and lives of the student body of the school. The yearbook is governed by VHSL guidelines and is submitted to VHSL competition judging each fall.
Adviser: Mrs. Helen Partlow

Drivers Education

8 months ago

Driver's Education Procedures and Information

** Please complete the following steps in the order that they are listed**



1.  As a 10th Grade student, enroll in the PE/Driver's Ed 10 .
2.  Complete the classroom portion of the Course with a 69% or higher.
3.  Take and pass the written Driver's Education test at the DMV.
4.  Complete the 45 hours of supervised driving and record hours on the time sheet. 
     ONLY after a student has complete the above steps can he/she be eligible for Behind the Wheel.)
5.  Print a Behind the Wheel application or pick up one up in the School Counseling Center.
6.  Fill out the Behind the Wheel application, including a parent/guardian's signature.
7.  Turn in completed application and payment to Mrs. Hull in the School Counseling Center. 
8.  The Behind the Wheel instructor will call you to give you the Behind the Wheel Schedule. Students are scheduled in the order of when they can receive their driver's license, not in order of when they paid.
Following successful completion of Behind the Wheel and after holding a Virginia DMV learner's permit for a full 9 months, a 180 day provisional driver's license can be issued.

9. A parent with a valid driver's license must accompany the student to the School Counseling Center.
10. You will receive a letter in the mail from Richmond enclosed with your assigned court date and time. 

Links:  Behind the Wheel application 
             Student/Parent Guide Packet 

            Virginia Practice Tests 

** Under Special Approved Circumstances a student may be permitted to take the Classroom portion of Driver's Education online through the Virginia Association for Driver's Education and Traffic Safety. 
Download the VADETS Paperwork or pick up the Paperwork from the School Counseling Center to see if you qualify for this service. **

If you have questions, please contact Mrs. Linda Weaver-Hull in the School Counseling Center at 540-459-4132


over 3 years ago

Google Account Instructions for Students

How to Sign In and Create New Files

First, open Google Chrome and go to

  1. Your username is your graduation year +

    1. so if your name is Sally Smith and you will graduate in 2017, your username is

    2. if you have a “Jr.” or “III” after your last name, don’t include it in your username

    3. if you have two last names, or a hyphenated last name, include them both in your username (remove the hyphen)

    4. so if your name is Sally Smith Jones, Sally Smith-Jones, or Sally Smith-Jones Jr., your username is

  2. Your password is based on your student ID number:  scps#####, with your ID number instead of #####

    1. so if Sally Smith’s student number is 33333, her password is scps33333

  3. Once you have logged in, you will be able to see all the files you have saved online; right now you won’t have any files, so we need to create some!

  4. Click on the red “CREATE” button on the left-hand side of the screen; from here, you can create a document for a paper or an essay (this is like Microsoft Word), a presentation for showing in class (this is like PowerPoint), a spreadsheet for tracking data, a drawing, etc. You can also create folders for organizing your work if you want.

    1. When you’re working on a file, all the changes will be automatically saved

    2. Set a name for your file by clicking at the top left where it says “Untitled Document”

    3. You can click “Tools” at the top and then “Spelling” to do a spell check on your essay after you are finished typing.

  5. To share a file with someone else, check the box next to that file and then click the gray button of a person with a plus sign (+).

    1. Next, a small window will open with a link to your file and a place to type in the names of the people you want to share it with at the bottom.

    2. Start typing someone’s name at the bottom (like a teacher or another student), and Google will look it up in our school’s address book.

    3. Add as many people as you want to the list, then click “DONE”

    4. This is a great way to turn in work to teachers without having to print anything!

  6. You can also share a file that you are working on currently by clicking the blue “SHARE” button with a lock on it in the top right-hand corner of the window; after you do, just follow the steps above to select who you want to share it with.

Can use the link from our 

school website

 home page to log into your account!

 Or type in a browser, click on SIGN IN and 
enter your CHS gmail username and password

Your gmail is useable with other students and teachers.

     ***SCPS can monitor student messages within the SCPS domain

 You can also create and share google docs on your Drive.


over 3 years ago

Technology Use

The privilege of Internet access and computer technology is available to all responsible Falcons. Inappropriate use on any computer in the school will cause you to lose this privilege. All students and their parents will be required to sign an Internet Acceptable Use Agreement before students may use the Internet.

Internet Acceptable Use Policy - Shenandoah County Public Schools

The purpose of the Internet in our schools is to support research and educational activities. Shenandoah County Public Schools’ web site and e-mail systems are closed forums. Use of the Internet, e-mail and the Shenandoah County Public Schools web site must be consistent with the educational objectives of Shenandoah County Public Schools.

The social, ethical and moral standards which we follow in our daily school life apply equally to our use of the Internet. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Be polite, use appropriate language. Do not swear, use vulgarities or other objectionable language.
  • Use the Internet for school related activities ONLY.
  • Illegal activities are strictly forbidden.
  • Do not reveal your personal address or phone number or the personal addresses or phone numbers of others.
  • Electronic mail (e‑mail) is not guaranteed to be private. People who operate the system have access to all mail. Messages relating to or in support of illegal activities will be reported to the authorities.
  • Teachers, Staff, and Students will use only materials that meet the schools’ standards for decency and appropriateness for the classroom.
  • No material(s) will be distributed, (uploaded or downloaded), without permission of the appropriate school authority.

Each student/staff member accessing the Internet will be trained on the proper uses of the Internet. Use of the Internet is a privilege and inappropriate use will result in a cancellation of those privileges and/or disciplinary action by school officials.

Shenandoah County Public Schools provides access to the Internet for all students, faculty, and staff. Students must have permission from at least one of their parents or guardians to access the Internet at school.