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Falcon Adventure Learning Center (The FALC)


(The FALC)

Made possible by the Helen J. Moore Educational Trust Grant    

The Falcon Adventure Learning Center (The FALC) will utilize the 17 acres of the CHS FFA Nature Trail to create an outdoor learning center consisting of a cooperation course and teaching area. The cooperation course will consist of a series of low-rope initiatives. Trees, platforms, cables, and ropes create an environment where groups can discover how to work together most effectively. The outdoor center would include a    10' X 15' platform teaching area/stage, bench seating for 50 (around the platform), and a 10-15 element cooperation course.

The CHS FFA Nature Trail was created as a community improvement project in the early 1990's. Over the years, the trail has served as a place for CHS classes to study forestry, wildlife, and environmental science.

The objective of the FALC is to develop a holistic wilderness area, easily accessible to the students of Shenandoah County Public Schools and the local community, which engages students and staff though a variety of modalities. 

Emphasis of the FALC will be:

-Team building 

-Problem solving skills

-Improved student wellness through life long learning 

-Positive communication skills

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