7 years ago

Central High School is seeking a full-time nurse on staff!

A staff member is available to tend to your child's minor medical needs and dispense medications. If a parent needs to speak with the nurse, please call the main office at 540-459-2161 and ask for the Clinic. 

Clinic Hours: 8:15 am to 3:15 pm

Eat nutritious food, exercise and stay healthy!

Medicine at School:

Shenandoah County Public School personnel may give prescription medication to students only with a physician’s written order and signed request from the parent/guardian. Prescription medicine MUST be taken to the nurse or other school official IMMEDIATELY upon entering building. Possession of a prescription drug in school can lead to expulsion. Nonprescription medication may be administered to students with written permission from the parent/guardian. High School students may carry one dose of non-prescription medicine with the consent of their parent/guardian.